This striking hand woven beaded bracelet was produced from 10 hours of work! The center bead is artist made. Eye catching from the front AND the back with a crystal closure piece. By Lynne Maslowski of Chippewa Falls, WI.


  • Hand woven free form bracelet with artist bead focus piece
  • Loop and button closure
  • One of a kind piece!

Handwoven Bead Bracelet by Lynne Maslowski

  • Lynne Maslowski of Totally Wired - Chippewa Falls, WI


    "Taking a lampworking class in Northfield, Minnesota, changed my life 16 years ago. I had been a jewelry maker for several years and loved making bracelets with artist beads. Once I mastered the basics of bead making, I began using a midrange torch and purchased a kiln for annealing. My beads are made from Effetre , Lausha, and Double Helix glass. I love to work

    with bright colors and develop styles of beads that are unique and fun to look at and touch. The look of my jewelry has changed since I began making beads, the pieces I create now are larger and more dramatic. Three years ago, I began making jewelry with leather and many different findings, including those with Swarovski crystals and my artist beads. Last year, I

    started making earrings and pendants with silver clay. Once silver clay is fired, it becomes solid and is 99% pure silver. Since I do several art shows each year, I try to create new and different jewelry that appeals to women of all ages. Each piece that I create is one of a kind and is always guaranteed to last for many years."