I Found Your New Favorite Earrings. You're Welcome.

I’ve noticed a pattern over the past several weeks during my morning routine. I’ve been reaching for the exact same set of earrings nearly EVERY day. Here’s the thing - I’m a fashion chameleon and I might be running out the door in everything from a marble print 3-piece suit to a leather jacket, band shirt and jeans. So while my favorite days are the one where I get to fish through my jewelry and curate my accessories, sometimes I just don’t have the time and going out with naked ears makes me feel so…exposed. These little Tiny Square Earrings, paired with the Hex Studs from Adorn512 have been the combo getting me through.

The easiest earrings for the lazy or time-challenged punk

The thing I love about the Tiny Squares is the staple-like shape is a fresh take on the classic punk safety pin through the ears. You can work the hardware chic vibe by pairing them with the Hex Studs, but you can just as easily mix in a diamond or this CZ stud for a more elegant, minimalist look that retains a little edge. The squares come in four different metal finishes, (rose gold, gold, silver, and gunmetal) so there will always be a pair that works with the rest of your accessories, whether you're going for polished or rock 'n' roll.


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