A Peek Behind The Curtain

Hello there, reader! I’m really excited that you are, in fact, reading this, as it marks the beginning of the Toni Rose blog. In writing it, I’m hoping to share with you everything from style tips to why Toni Rose is more than just a business to me - and I hope you’ll be able to walk away from each post with more than a little inspiration.

Wearing my favorite Perverse Madness copper sunnies
Wearing my favorite Perverse Madness copper sunnies

The best place to start any story is at the beginning, so I’ll start with a little of my background. I’m a singer, a dyed-in-the-wool Alice Cooper fan, a lifelong lover of art and shiny things, and one cat short of crazy (I have 3). I happened to discover an interest in fashion in college, and after graduating, I found myself working a 9-5 that was comfortable, but somehow not quite as fulfilling as I imagined. After 4 years, I decided I needed to take a chance to do something for myself, and that something became Toni Rose.

I get asked often why I chose the name for my shop, and like most things with me, it was a very personal choice. “Toni Rose” is an homage to my love for rock ’n’ roll, and is a merging of the names “Tony Iommi” and “Axl Rose”, two of my early musical influences. Rock is at the heart of the inspiration behind Toni Rose, because to me, it has always gone hand and hand with unapologetic individuality and expression. My goal is to bring together items from all types of artists and designers that speak to an individual’s unique style and are a celebration of the lifestyle of all creative types who insist on marching to their own drum.

So, I hope you will follow along with the Toni Rose story as it continues to unfold.

And, since I’m just getting started with this blogging thing, I’d love to know what topics interest you. Want to know how to style a scarf year-round? Or how to wear studded leather without looking like a moody teen who wandered out of Hot Topic? Send your topic suggestion to and it may show up later as a post!

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